Cardboard Caving

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30 October 2017

Hello! Me again!

I’ve been busy addering up the equipment used to build the cave… want to hear some stats?

It took over 480 person hours (and of course over 80 snake hours!) to build the cave. 49 People helped to build it, but over 300 of those hours were done by just 6 people (4 leaders, 1 Young Leader and a Scout!). Of course, I did the most work, unlike that lazy lion!

We used:

  • 2.25km of Gaffer Tape… that’s enough to stretch from Weston Scout Hall to Bath Abbey
  • 2200 Cable Ties
  • 100m of electrical and audio cable
  • 1700 Ball pit balls
  • Over 400 Screws
  • 9 Plasters and a bandage!

We expect to get through over 40 AA batteries during the week.

No one knows how much Cardboard we used… let’s just say “Lots”!!