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Basil’s Blog – Saturday

28 October 2017

Hello Friendssss

It’s Sssssaturday! One of my favourite days of the week! Can you guess what the other one is?

The cave is looking absolutely amazing! There’s a ssssssslide (I can’t wait to have a go!), a ballpit, and loads of different themed caves. Yesterday the leaders were trying out some of the sound and lighting effects.

We keep getting loads of volunteers coming in to help. Dan, Charlotte and Phil have been here all week keeping me company… Jodi has been in quite a few times and has been busy decorating things. Philip and Oscar have been in almost every day as well. And we’ve had loads of Parents, Young Leaders, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. Last night, Dan got the PA system working, and the Scouts had great fun running around the caves with the microphone. Oopsssss!

Now the weekend is here, its time for the finishing touches… lots to do, must get on! I’ll leave you with this video of the ballpit being filled… looks like Phil had great fun!!

No time lapse today but here is a gif!

Posted by 66th Bath Scout Group on Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017


Oh… one last thing…

what is a snake’s favourite dance?

The Mamba!!