Cardboard Caving

Basil’s Blog – Tuesday

31 October 2017

Hello Friendsssss

Last night we had the first Beavers and Ssssscouts in to the Cave… my own friends from 66th Bath!

They had great fun trying to find their way around, and to squeeze through the narrow tunnels! Some of the Beavers found it a little bit Scary but they still had a great time!

We also had a visit from Assssshley Russsssell… GSL at 51st Bath, who came and had a go at getting through the cave himself… clearly a bit more agile than our own GSL!

At the end of the evening, 5 Scouts were invested in the cave, making their Scout Promise. It was a very emotional moment for me as I remember making my promise in the same cave 2 years ago!

Tonight we’ve got Tuesday Cubs, and some more visitors from 51st… can’t wait. Smaug’s sounding pretty hungry so should be a fun night!

Must dash… well.. slither.

Bye for now!


Oh… nearly forgot!

What do you get if you cross a Snake with a Kangaroo?

A skipping rope!