Box Trailer

trailerThe group also owns a 750kg unbraked single-axel box trailer. This can be towed behind out minibus (Cat D1 license required) or behind a car using a normal Category B license.

Features of the trailer include:

  • Single axle lightweight trailer – easy to tow and can be towed by most medium and large cars
  • 750kg Max Gross Weight
  • Approx 500kg payload
  • Internal dimensions (approx) 180cm Long, 120cm Wide, 120cm High
  • 7-pin 12N electrics (some new cars may require an adaptor)
  • Unbraked
  • Jockey wheel for easy man-handling
  • Locking rear access doors
  • Locking hitch and wheel clamp

The trailer is available to book either alongside our minibus or separately.