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28 Oct 2017

Hello Friendssss
It’s Sssssaturday! One of my favourite days of the week! Can you guess what the other one is?
The cave is looking absolutely amazing! There’s a ssssssslide (I can’t wait to have a go!), a ballpit, and loads of different themed caves. Yesterday the leaders were trying out some of the sound and lighting effects.
We keep getting loads of volunteers coming in to help. Dan, Charlotte and Phil have been here all week keeping me company… Jodi has been in quite a few times and has been busy decorating things. …

13 Feb 2017

11 Scouts from 66th Bath Scout Group enjoyed a wintry experience at their recent “back to basics” camp. The camp, from 10-12 February, was held at Cleeve Hill Campsite on the edge of Bath, and was the first of two training camps to get the Scouts ready for their main Summer Camp in August.
On Friday night, as the Scouts arrived, the heavens opened – but instead of the more usual rain, it started to snow! The Scouts did a great job of pitching their patrol tents in the snow, before …

29 Aug 2016

As with Cub Camp, a lack of on site signal, along with some technical problems with leader phones, meant our Camp Blog didn’t go live during the week. That doesn’t mean it didn’t get written though. As always, please excuse the slightly sleep deprived sense of humour. I promise it won’t get any better!!
Sunday – The Long Journey Down
1030: Departure from Bath by minibus. Kit trailer has already gone to camp. 7 Scouts, 2 leaders and personal kit in minibus. Journey takes AGES mainly due to resurfacing on the A37 …

29 Aug 2016

Due to mobile signal issues, our annual Camp Blogs didn’t happen this year. However, they were still written and are now posted in full so you can finally find out what really happened at cub camp!
As always, please excuse the terrible sense of humour… I’m told it’s a result of sleep deprivation at camp!
Monday – Dan and Jodi head over to site first thing with a minibus full of kit, and set up Camp HQ (mess tent, our own tent, flagpole, etc) then head into Monmouth for lunch at Costa …

18 Feb 2016

Our first camp blog of 2016… as always for weekend camps the number of posts will depend on how much free time, and how much internet signal, we have!
Tomorrow we depart for Bournemouth, but as always, for the leaders camp doesnt just start at 5pm tomorrow.
The actual work began many months ago with bookings, a planning meeting, etc. The hard work started on Tuesday with collection of keys to the hired minibus. On Wednesday, Neil and myself collected the hired bus and kit van from Bristol, and Jon and I …

13 Feb 2016

Beavers from 66th Bath’s Monday Colony enjoyed a sleepover at their hall on Friday night.
For many of the 15 Beavers it was their first night ever away from their family, but the brave Beavers enjoyed spending a night together in the Scout HQ, as well as playing games and taking part in activities.
Supervised by a team of 5 leaders the Beavers settled in with some running around games before eating Pasta Bolognese for dinner. A few quieter games led towards bedtime (although it may have taken a while to actually …

25 Nov 2015

66th Bath Scout Group spent their October Half Term building an artificial caving complex at their Scout Hall in Weston. The caves were constructed using cardboard boxes, ladders, crates and other readily available items.
A group of 39 volunteers spent more than 230 hours over four days building the intricate cave system which comprised 5 different sections, each with its own theme. Those who were brave enough to enter the caves faced various challenges on different levels. People of all ages were able to explore the caves and some found it a tighter …

6 Nov 2015

As the week approaches its end, it’s been a very long and busy week for the leaders, but also great fun. Every Beaver, Cub and Scout in the group has now experienced the Cave, and over the next two days we will have the final young people from elsewhere in Bath taking part, a last go for our own leaders, and time to take it all down on Saturday!
Basil’s Blog
Hello Friendsssss
I’ve got some really exccccciting news for you… last night I was invessssssted into the group!
After three of the Scouts …

5 Nov 2015

Basil’s Blog
Hello Friendsss
Ssssssoo Sssssorry for my Sssssilence the last couple of days – its been really busy in the cave!
On Tuesday we had 69th Bath Cubs, 51st Bath Scouts and What The Duck Network – lots of new friends for me to meet!
Last night 66th Bath Cubs were here, and so were Bath Spa SSAGO – i’d been looking forward to meeting them all week!
I was allowed out of the Chamber of Secrets for a while yesterday – Dan and Jodi took me on an outing to see the site …

3 Nov 2015

Basil’s Blog
Hello Friendsss
They did it! The amazing leaders and parents built me my new home and I’m now settled into the Chamber of Secrets and starting to get visitors.
Last night the 66th Bath Beavers and 1st Peasedown Scouts came to see me. They all had lots of fun, but they were very noisy! I was really good and managed not to eat any of them!
I’m not allowed to show you photos of what the inside of the cave looks like yet – apparently Dan doesnt want to ruin the Sssssurprisssse …