Cardboard Caving

31 Oct 2017

Hello Friendsssss
Last night we had the first Beavers and Ssssscouts in to the Cave… my own friends from 66th Bath!
They had great fun trying to find their way around, and to squeeze through the narrow tunnels! Some of the Beavers found it a little bit Scary but they still had a great time!
We also had a visit from Assssshley Russsssell… GSL at 51st Bath, who came and had a go at getting through the cave himself… clearly a bit more agile than our own GSL!
At the end of the evening, …

30 Oct 2017

Hello! Me again!
I’ve been busy addering up the equipment used to build the cave… want to hear some stats?
It took over 480 person hours (and of course over 80 snake hours!) to build the cave. 49 People helped to build it, but over 300 of those hours were done by just 6 people (4 leaders, 1 Young Leader and a Scout!). Of course, I did the most work, unlike that lazy lion!
We used:

2.25km of Gaffer Tape… that’s enough to stretch from Weston Scout Hall to Bath Abbey
2200 Cable Ties
100m of electrical …

30 Oct 2017

Hello Friendssss
Last night, we put the finishing touches to the Cardboard Cave. And it looks absolutely Amassssssing.
From the entrance through Narnia, to the Brexit at the end… it’s going to be great fun and I cant wait to meet nearly 300 young people over the course of the week. My friend Aslan has also moved in, and is now happily ruling in Narnia.
Keep an eye out for more posts during the week!
Why did the snake struggle with subtraction?
Because she was an Adder

26 Oct 2017

Hi Friendssss
Sssssorry i’ve been so quiet – we’ve had a couple of technical issues with the website – apparently the Sssssspiders dont like me.
So far this week, my amazing friends at 66th Bath Scout Group have been hard at work building a cave – and they’ve spent well over 200 hours doing it. Most of the base structures were in place by the end of Tuesday, and they’re pretty much all covered in cardboard now as well. Even my Chamber of Secrets is coming on nicely
I’ve also made a new …

13 Oct 2017

Hello Friendsssss
For those who don’t know me, I’m Basil. Basil the Basilisk. Masssscot of 66th Bath (Wesssston Village) Ssssscout Group – by far the most important member of the team! I’m really excited, because i’ve just found out that Cardboard Caving is back again this year!
The leaderssss have just told me that they’re going to be building a new Cardboard Home for me again this October Half Term, and better still, some of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been busy sssssuggesting themes for the different caves.
This year the whole cave …