Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee is made up of volunteers, mainly leaders or parents of children in the group. The “Exec” exists to manage the group’s funds and assets, and the executive committee members act as trustees for the group (which is a registered charity).

We are always looking for new members to join our Executive Committee. Please contact us to find out more about getting involved, or click on the links below to find out more about the vacant roles!

  • Chair – Fran Parsons
  • Treasurer – David Hooper
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Group Scout Leader – Dan Spencer
  • Fundraising Officer – Vacant
  • Assistant Group Scout Leader (And Scout Leader) – Jodi Walsh
  • Beaver Scout Leader (Monday) – Neil Jackson
  • Beaver Scout Leader (Thursday) – Duncan Ball
  • Cub Scout Leader (Wednesday) – Charlotte Brewer
  • Cub Scout Leader (Tuesday) – Duncan Ball
  • Non Executive Support Roles

In addition to the Executive Committee Roles above, we have a number of support roles:

  • Group Administrator – Emma Frankton
  • Gift Aid Officer – Vacant
  • Grants Officer – Vacant
  • Hall Caretaker – Vacant
  • Hall Handyman – Cam
  • Hall Cleaning Co-ordinator – Sharon Gray

Fundraising Team

We have a very active fundraising team, currently consisting of:

  • Community Fundraising Officer – Vacant
  • Grants Application Officer – Vacant
  • Monday Beaver Fundraising Rep Clare Browning
  • Thursday Beaver Fundraising Rep Helen Oakley
  • Tuesday Cub Fundraising Rep Vacant
  • Wednesday Cub Fundraising Rep Sophie Dyer
  • Thursday Scout Fundraising Rep Jane Hands
  • Dan (GSL)
  • Fran (Group Chair)

We are always after more members – check out details at our vacancies page

Get Involved

If you feel you could help the group in any way, even if not one of the roles listed above, please get in touch. We are always willing to create a role for the right person!