Terms and Conditions

The conditions of hire of Weston Scout Hall for ad-hoc bookings are as follows:

  1. The hirer takes full responsibility for those areas of the premises hired during the full time of their booking
  2. Only those areas of the premises booked (or included for shared use) may be used
  3. Where facilities are shared, it is up to both users to ensure that they are left clean and tidy and to agree on use of those facilities
  4. No items may be fixed to the walls/fixtures/fittings with staples/sellotape/drawing pins. Blue-tac or similar products may be used, but a charge will be made for any damage caused. Pins may be used on empty notice boards
  5. No banners, posters or signs are to be affixed to the outside of the building (including railings and windows) with the exception of short term (<8 hours) signage to enable people to find your event, except with the express permission of the Group Scout Leader.
  6. The area around the fire exit in the main hall must be kept clear at all times. The fire exit must be unbolted for the duration of your visit, even if you are not using the main hall, and must be secured at the end of your visit.
  7. The building must not be left unlocked and unattended at any time
  8. All equipment must be returned clean and tidy to its correct place after use
  9. Breakages and damage must be reported to the Group Scout Leader as soon as possible. 66th Bath Scout Group reserves the right to charge the hire for any damage caused during their stay.
  10. No activities may take place which contravene the “policy, organisation and rules” of the Scout Assocation, the terms of our lease, or the law. No “party political” events may be held in the premises.
  11. All refuse MUST be removed from the site at the end of your visit. A charge of £5 per bag will be made for disposal of refuse left on site.
  12. The Scout Group provides no insurance for equipment belonging to other groups using these facilities.
  13. The hall may not be accessed prior to your booking start time unless agreed with the Group Scout Leader (e.g. to drop off equipment). The hall must be vacated no later than the end time of your booking.
  14. At the end of your visit, all areas booked/shared must be left clean, tidy and secure and all lights turned off. The heating should be returned to “timer” if you have adjusted it. The group does not have a cleaner and relies on all hall users to tidy up after themselves. A cleaning charge of £40 will be made if the hall is not left clean and tidy.
  15. All locked rooms (store rooms, offices) and the entire top floor are out of bounds.