How it works

No, this isn’t a page about how a diesel engine works (sorry Scouts – you will have to look elsewhere to finish your mechanics badge).

This guide covers the basics of how using our minibus works, from booking through to payment. Full details are located in our terms and conditions.

Step 1 – Register Your Organisation

All organisations using our bus need to be eligible to drive under a Section 19 Permit, and must display their permit in the bus whenever they drive it. If you haven’t yet got a permit please talk to us about how to get one!

Registration Form – This only needs to be done once!

Step 2 – Place your first booking

Visit our online diary to check availability. Regular users can also use this diary to make self-service bookings. If you are not set up for this please use our booking form to request a booking.

If you don’t have a booking at the moment but would like to register ready for when you do, please go straight to step 3!

Step 3 – Register Drivers

Each driver will need to meet our Driver Requirements (including a valid MiDAS Certificate – certain equivalent professional qualifications may also be acceptable).

Each driver should register at least 7 days before they intend to drive the minibus using our  driver registration form. (in an emergency we may be able to add drivers at shorter notice)

Step 4 – Receive Confirmation

No registration or booking should be taken as “confirmed” until we have confirmed by email that we have accepted it.

Shortly before your booking we will be in touch to arrange for you to collect the keys at the start of your booking.

Step 5 – Enjoy your journey

Once you’ve collected your keys and paperwork, your first job is to check the vehicle fully before driving it. This is a legal responsibility, and a requirement of using the vehicle. Don’t forget to display your Section 19 Permit!

Throughout your journey please keep the log form up to date!

Step 6 – Fuel Up!

Please return the minibus with at least 1/2 a tank of diesel (and please don’t buy it on the motorway as we won’t refund motorway service station receipts!). Keep the receipts as we will refund your fuel (by subtracting it from your mileage charge)

Return the receipt (a copy is fine) with your paperwork, or write the total amount on your paperwork and send scans within 7 days to

Step 7 – Return the vehicle

Don’t forget to make sure it is clean and tidy! Return the keys and paperwork as arranged.

Step 8 – Invoicing

We will invoice you as follows:

Mileage driven x Mileage Rate = Total Mileage Charge

We will then subtract the amount that you have spent on fuel to give the total amount owing and send you an invoice! Payment is by BACS or Cheque.