Minibus FAQ

What is the minibus like / how many does it seat?

Check our the “About our minibus” page to find out all about the vehicle Spec!

How much do we pay per day to hire the bus?

Quite simply you don’t. The mileage is done on a per mile basis, however we reserve the right to review this in future if we find people abusing the system and keeping the bus while they’re not using it!

How much do we pay per mile?

That depends who you are and what you use it for! Our basic rate is £1/mile, but for local scout groups and other charities that are associated with the group we charge a reduced rate of 80p/mile.

Do I need a special license to drive it?

No – you just need to be over 25 and hold a standard car license for over 2 years! You will however need to do MiDAS training!

What if we can’t provide a driver?

We may be able to help. Our volunteer drivers are sometimes willing to drive for other organisations in return for a donation to the Scout Group – find out more

Do I need a permit to drive the bus?

To drive under our insurance you need a Section 19 permit (regardless of what driving license you hold). This belongs to your organisation – not you as a driver. If you need more details please talk to us?

We are not eligible for a S19 permit – can we still drive the bus?

Yes – but you will need to arrange your own insurance you will be fully responsible for any damage caused to the bus during your booking if it isn’t covered by your insurance! You’ll be asked to sign a declaration to that effect and to provide proof of insurance cover.

Can the bus be used for family holidays?

In a word “no”. We are here to provide a service to the community, and not a low cost hire option for individuals. Sorry!

Can I use the bus to tow a trailer?

Yes as long as you have D1+E on your license you can tow a trailer on the bus. You will need to request permission to tow at the time of booking, and there will be an extra charge of 10p/mile to cover the additional fuel used (does not apply to Bath Scout Groups)

It is also a legal requirement that the back doors of the bus can open fully even with the jockey wheel up – and you can’t attach towbar mounted bike racks to the bus!

Does the bus have a roof rack?


Can we transport kit in the bus

The minibus is, just that, a minibus. It is designed for transportation of people. Obviously sometimes it may be necessary to transport luggage – which is fine as long as it doesnt block gangways or exits (e.g. you may need to allocate some seats just for baggage). However, the minibus is not available to hire as a “kit van”. If your primary requirement is to move equipment, rather than people, please try elsewhere.

What time are you open for collection and return?

We can arrange times to suit you. We are not like a commercial hire company and don’t have a staffed office – keys will be collected either from our HQ or from the house of one of our committee members locally, and the same applies for returning them.

What about Fuel?

The bus uses Diesel and the cost of this is included in the mileage rate. If you need to top it up, please return a copy of the receipt and it will be subtracted from your invoice. Please note we will NOT reimburse for fuel bought at motorway services, and reserve the right to refuse to pay for fuel that is over 5% more expensive than the pump price at Sainsburys, Bath.

How do we pay?

Our preferred method is BACS but we can also accept cheque. We do not accept cash or card payments unless this has been pre-discussed with us!

How do I Book?

Visit our booking page to check the diary and place a booking!