Our Favourite Things about Scouting

6 April 2017

A group of our Scouts spent an evening writing blog posts for our website about their favourite aspects of Scouting. Here are the results!


Hi my name is Lucy. I am 12 ¾, I have been Scouting for 2 years and I am an Assistant Patrol Leader. My favourite thing about Scouts is friends and the friends I have made/re-made. But it is boring to talk about friends so I am going to talk about my favourite event in scouting which was Cardboard Caving. This was a cardboard cave network. Volunteers including myself could help to set up the “cave network”. I was Gaffa taping all the holes up. The end result was AMAZING. So good that many Scout and Guide groups came to see it. It was fun (and scary (if you don’t like spiders)).


Hello my name is Joe and I have just joined Scouts. My favourite things about Scouts is the knowledge and badges you gain. Also it comes with an awesome experiences, I recommend it to everyone!


Hi my name is Ned and my favourite thing about Scouts is camping out in fields doing all the fun activities like hikes and sleeping in tents. And playing with my friends and doing all the fun challenges. Also doing activities for badges. I like the campfires and singing around the campfire.


Hallo, I am 10 and ¾ and my name is Freddie,. My favourite thing about Scouts is the badges. I currently have my 3 year badge. My friend Ned has his 4 year badge. I also like camping and marshmallows and hot chocolate is quite good and I like going to bed with a full stomach. I also like waking up to hear the birds singing.