Scouting in the Community

At 66th Bath we pride ourselves on being an active part of the local community in Weston. We are always keen to get involved in local community events (organising something – why not invite us?). We are also always happy to promote local events both to our members and externally through social media and the community noticeboard facilities in the building. We also have a very high profile expanse of railings above the playground which are perfect for advertising banners!

Community Facilities

Weston Scout Hall

Our Scout Hall is located in the heart of Weston’s high street and is available for local community groups for meetings and activities, as well as local families for kids’ birthday parties. There are probably very children in Weston who haven’t attended a party in our main hall over the years!

We are also able to offer a smaller meeting room space for meetings, and can also offer an outdoor playground space right in the heart of high street which is available for outdoor events.

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Community Minibus

We own a 15 seat minibus which the Scout Group regularly use for camps and trips. However, during weekdays (and some weekends/evenings) it sits there available for other community organisations to use.

We offer a reduction on our standard hire rates for any charitable groups located in the Weston area, and the bus is also available for local schools to use. Depending on your circumstances we may even be able to provide a driver!

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As a Scout Group we have a range of equipment that we use for running camps and events. Of course, some of these items only come out once or twice a year, so we’d rather see them being used by other groups within the community.

We therefore offer them out in return for a small fee to cover wear, tear and support the replacement of items. This will almost certainly be a small fraction of the price that commercial companies would charge. As the group grows, so our equipment resources will continue to grow

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