The Group


66th Bath Scout Group provides adventure and opportunities for over 100 young people on a weekly basis. Read on to find out more about the group, then select the section that is of interest to you!

Our Youth Sections

Boys and Girls can join the group at the age of 6, attending one of our two Beaver Colonies, which meet on a Monday and Thursday evening. Beavers enjoy plenty of fun and games, as well as starting to take part in outdoor activities, and developing the beginnings of the skills that they will carry on working at throughout their Scouting career. There is also a huge emphasis on teamwork.

At the age of 8, young people move up into one of the Cub Packs which meet on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening. At Cubs, our members continue to develop their Scouting Skills, as well as starting to pick up independence and leadership skills, whilst continuing to work on their teamwork!

At 10 and a half, its time to move up into the third section, the Scout Troop, who meet on a Monday or Thursday evening. This is the oldest section in the group, running until 14 at which point young people move on to the district-run Explorer section. Our Scouts use the skills that they have learned in the lower sections, and enjoy a much lower level of supervision than the other sections, functioning as groups of peers under a Patrol Leader who is typically aged 13.

“The real benefit is when your child comes home and says “I did that” and they realise they can do something. It gives them confidence”. Linda, Cub Parent.

Our Adults

The group is entirely run by volunteers. All our leaders and assistants who deliver Scouting on a weekly basis give up their time free of charge. You may be wondering why we do it – the answer is simple… It’s fun, enjoyable and rewarding and we get to do all sorts of things that Adults don’t normally get to do!!

The Leader team are supported by an executive committee, again all volunteers, who look after the hall, finances, and paperwork. And a fundraising team who bring in the money!

Our Management Structure

Each section is overseen by a section leader. The section leaders are overseen by our Group Scout Leader (Dan Spencer) who manages and supports the Scout Group whilst making sure it is running effectively and offering a balanced programme. The GSL is supported by an Assistant Group Scout Leader (Jodi Walsh)

The Group is part of Bath District, and the district is led by our District Commissioner, Simon Crowden. Simon oversees the 10 groups in the City of Bath. The district is part of Avon County.

Our Facilities

We are fortunate as a group to have a number of facilities available to us to use. These are managed by our executive committee and looked after entirely volunteers, and include:

  • Weston Scout Hall – Our home in the heart of Weston Village, with a large hall and meeting room – available for the local community when not in Scouting use.wpid-wp-1440491227464.jpg
  • A 15 Seat Minibus – Used for camps and trips, but also available for other local charities and community groups to use.
  • A large stock of equipment – some of which is available to borrow. Please get in touch and we will do what we can to help in return for a donation.
  • A uniform shop (primarily for our members, but if you live in Bath and would like to buy items of uniform please get in touch and we will be able to help.


Take a look around our website and find out more about the group and what we do!