As a Scout Group we have a range of equipment that we use for camping, trips, etc.

At present we do not operate an official system for “hiring out” this equipment, but for local community groups, and families of our members, we do offer SOME of our equipment out in return for a donation.

This will always be cheaper than hiring commercially. Any equipment borrowed is subject to availability, and on a basis of “if you lose or damage it, you replace it / repair it”.


We do not generally lend our our canvas sleeping tents or specialist hike tents due to the risk of damage if these are used incorrectly. If however you are another local scout/guide group (or a group coming to camp in Bath) and would like to borrow kit please do ask!

Party Tents

4m x 10m Heavy Duty Party Tent

This is our largest tent, offering a space of around 4m x 10m – this is the current version from the manufacturer.

We generally insist on a member of our team being present during pitching / striking (you will need to provide the rest of the labour – at least 3 other people!) to prevent damage.

3m x 6m Lightweight Party Tent

This party tent is much lighter, but much less sturdy. It’s ideal for garden events in the summer but not really suitable for being out in a storm.

This event can be borrowed for self pitching.

Frame Tents and Event Shelters

These offer smaller covered spaces, ranging from 2mx2m to 3m x 6m. Depending on the tent these can be borrowed for the user to put up themselves.

Family Camping Tents

We have three large family camping tents (ranging from 6 to 9 man) which we are able to lend out. These are all “getting on a bit” but are waterproof.


Gas stoves

We have two camping gas stoves which we can provide with gas cylinders (these are weighed before and after use and the gas charged for)


We have two charcoal bbqs – one medium which can be taken apart for transport, the other is large and on wheels. We can also provide utensils, warming trays, etc.

Catering Equipment

We have a large stock of “dixies” (large pans), catering frying pans, etc

Electrical Equipment

We have some heavy duty electrical equipment which we use for camping a few times a year – the rest of the year it is available.

The equipment that can be borrowed, in return for a donation, is constantly increasing and currently includes:

  • 240v 1800kVA petrol generator
  • 110v and 240v cabling (yellow and blue “arctic” style with 16A round plugs) and splitters
  • 110v transformer
  • 110v festoon lighting system
  • 240v Tripod mounted floodlights
  • A range of adapters

Activity Equipment

Looking to host a kids party? We may be able to help with equipment!

Some of our items are only available for use in our own hall (due to the difficulties of transport) including the table tennis table, pool tables and air hockey table.

We do however carry a large stock of other equipment – for example we have over 800″ball pool” balls.