Catering Equipment

We know how challenging it can be to cater for large numbers of people using “domestic” cookware. Over the last 2 years, 66th Bath have made a huge investment in a range of commercial catering equipment, which is available to hire at well below the standard market rate. By hiring from us rather than a commercial company you are not only reducing your own costs, but you are also benefiting a local charity, and local young people.

To hire catering equipment, please get in touch for a current catalogue and price list. For an idea of what equipment we have please see below:


Gas Burners

We can supply up to 8 double gas burners. Each burner is equipped with gas hose, and regulator. We are also able to supply gas on a “per kg” basis. Where multiple burners are in use we are able to supply hoses with “T-pieces” enabling more than one burner to run off a cylinder. Each burner can either be run off Propane or Butane.

Electric Hobs

We have two 13 amp twin “boiling rin” electric hobs. These are designed for commercial use and are very effective, but are small and light enough to easily be carried, or transported in a small car.

Gas Griddle

Our Buffalo Gas Griddle is a mainstay of our catering equipment. You name it – if you can fry it or grill it you can cook it on the griddle. With a cooking area of 101cm x 58cm it will easily cook breakfas for 50+ people! It runs on propane which we can also supply.


Electric Urn

Our 20 litre electric urn, complete with tap and “keep warm” function is a safe and efficient way to produce large amounts of hot water.

Gas Urn

Coming soon: 20 litre propane fired hot water urn – hot water where you want it, when you want it.


Our “pump flasks” allow storage and easy serving of hot water and hot drinks. To avoid cross contamination we have specific flasks for hot water, tea, and coffee so please specify what you require when ordering

We also have thermos lidded jugs suitable to keep hot water warm, or milk cool.


Pots and Pans

We can supply pots and pans of all sizes. All equipment is either stainless steel or aluminium and is designed for commercial “large quantity” catering. Items include:

  • Dixies (tall pans suitable for cooking, for example, pasta for 20!)
  • Saucepans – ranging from domestic sizes up to commercial mass catering sizes
  • Frying pans of all sizes

Warming trays

We have a large selection of warming trays to help when it comes to food serving time!

Food Preparation

Metal bowls, metal jugs, chopping boards, colanders – you name it, we’ve probably got it – check out our full inventory for more details!


We have a wide range of utensils to use with our pots and pans!



We can provide metal cutlery (cannot guarantee matching sets) for over 100 people

Plastic Eating Ware

We can provide plastic plates, bowls and beakers for up to 70 people.

Kitchen Furniture

Why not also let us provide the furniture for your kitchen area?


We can provide a variety of different tables. If you’re using gas burners you’ll want our wooden trestle tables. For eating/serving our go-pak or plastic trestle tables are perfect.

We also have 6 ft folding trestle tables which fold in half and will easily fit in the boot of a car.


We have over 30 folding “event hire” style chairs available to go with our tables.

Kitchen Racking

We have a 1.2m wide 4-shelf metal wire racking system – ideal for storing food and pots or pans.

We also have 2 x 60cm wide 4-shelf plastic racking systems and 2 small interlocking metal shelving systems available to furnish your kitchen.


Looking for some shelter while you cook – why not visit our tents page?