Leader Team

The smooth running of the group is only possible thanks to a dedicated team of adult volunteers who keep the group running.

It might look like we have a large team, but several of our leaders are students, or are on short term work contracts in the Bath area, so we’re always on the look out for more people. No previous experience is needed – just a willingness to get involved and have fun!

Leaders Christmas Meal, January 2017

Leaders Christmas Meal, January 2017

Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page to put some faces to the names!


Thursday Colony

  • Beaver Scout Leader (Thursday) – Daniel Morland
  • Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Thursday) – Gemma Moore
  • Section Assistant – Jessica Carter
  • Young Leader: Charlie, Ellen, Ella

Monday Colony

  • Beaver Scout Leader (Monday) – Neil Jackson
  • Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Monday) – Jess McKenzie
  • Section Assistant (Monday) – Howard Tansley
  • Section Assistant (Monday) – Lorna Jackson
  • Section Assistant (Monday) – Pete Forster
  • Young Leaders – George, Lucy


Wednesday Pack

  • Cub Scout Leader – Charlotte Brewer
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Nigel Hills
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader – George Day
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Phil Walsh Atkins
  • Young Leaders – Josh, Iwan, Lucy and Lottie

Tuesday Pack

  • Cub Scout Leader – Duncan Ball
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Tim Atkins
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Philip McGurdy
  • Young Leaders – Amelia, Maia


Monday and Thursday Troops

Our Monday and Thursday Troops share a pool of leaders:

  • Thursday Scout Leader – Jodi Walsh
  • Monday Scout Leader – Phil Walsh-Atkins
  • Assistant Scout Leader – Dan Spencer
  • Assistant Scout Leader – Charlotte Brewer
  • Section Assistant – James Peer
  • Section Assistant – Jess McKenzie
  • Young Leaders – Lucy, Elodie, Louis
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Regular Occasional Helpers

Perhaps an oxymoron… but we have a number of leaders who regularly come from other groups and get involved with camps, trips and events

  • Kat Reynolds (Former SL (and founder of our Scout Troop). Now a leader in Gloucestershire but has a tendancy to reappear at camps and events!)
  • Rhys Topping (former Assistant Scout Leader and resident shooting instructor and despite having moved to Leeds we still can’t keep him away!)
  • Izzi Wisker (former Assistant Cub leader, now busy leaning to be a doctor!)
  • Kay Edwardes (Our catering maestro who keeps us all fed at Group Camp!)
  • Ben Brook (Former ACSL, now away in Coventry at Uni but still comes back regularly!)
  • Chris Moore (Former ABSL, now helps with various trips etc)

Group Mascot – Basil the Basilisk

We are also fortunate to be supported by an executive committee and team of supporters. The “exec” are responsible for looking after the group’s finances, making policy decisions, and helping to look after the Scout Hall.

We are always looking for new members to join our dynamic leader team!